About Us

We are Dani and Dave and we like to make things.  We have an old VW Camper covered in stickers and we wanted a very specific sticker which we could not find anywhere.  This prompted the purchase of a Die-Cut sticker machine so we could make it ourselves, and DD Practical Stickers was born!
Both of us are used to working with our hands and creating things; Dave in the garage, Dani in the Craft Room.  Recent Global events left us twiddling our thumbs and before we knew it, the little sticker business had transformed into DD PRACTICAL – Stickers | Leather Crafts | Stationery.

Dani Moore - Dave Taylor

Simple Practical Design made with Love and Passion.

We Love What We Do

We truly love what we do. Every item is individually made from top quality materials. We combine simple, modern, practical design with traditional skills and craftmanship.

If you can think of it, we can make a sticker of it! Car stickers, window stickers, bin stickers, bike stickers, wall stickers.  Single colour cut from professional grade sign vinyl, or full colour photo quality printed on to top quality printable vinyl and then die cut – the choice is yours. We create all of our stickers in CAD and CNC software ensuring high accuracy and repeatable results. We are happy to work on projects of all sizes, from reproducing a single one off sticker for a cooker knob, to bulk producing car club logo stickers.

Hand crafted leather products made from Premium Full
Grain Waxy Pull Up Leather – this is untreated, uncorrected, 100% animal hide. Full Grain leather will wear in nicely over time, developing a patina. It is very soft to the touch but still tough. It’s important to note that this leather will not have a uniform look because the surface has been subjected to a lifetime out on the range. Combined with top quality fixings and fastenings, we can create practical leathercraft such as Traveler’s Notebooks, Device Pouches, Key Pouches, Passport Covers, Purses, Wallets, Belts, Glasses Cases and Bags to name just a few. Most items can be personalised by stamping or laser engraving.


A self professed stationery nerd, Dani has a true passion for all things pens and paper.  Diligently handmade from some of the worlds finest papers and most luxurious printed card, our stationery is amongst the finest on the market, yet still infinitley practical.  After all, what’s the point in having a really nice notebook if it never used? As well as stationery boxes, we also hand design and create colouring-in sheets, practical envelopes, postcards and notebooks. If you can think of something you need, Dani can probably create it.

Our Blog

90% of our work is bespoke and custom made, so never makes it to our shop for you to see.  The best way to see how we are best able to fulfil your needs is to look through our blog where you will find both our own past and present creations as well as client driven projects.