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Freelance Terms

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, engaging Dave Taylor and/or Dani Moore on a freelance basis will be subject to the following terms:

Our current Minimum Day Rate is £275 per day per person for up to 12 hours.
Over 12 hours, but less than 18 hours is charged at Day Rate x1.5.
Over 18 hours is minimum Day Rate x2 and by advanced negotiation ONLY.
Travel Days are charged at half Day Rate.

ALL travel time is chargeable and counts towards Day Rate hours.
ALL travel costs should be covered by the person(s) or company engaging our services.
Any travel in our own private vehicle(s) will incur an additional charge of 45 pence per mile per vehicle .
Carriage of goods in our private vehicle(s) is strictly by advanced negotiation and may incur an additional fee to cover appropriate insurance.
All tolls, congestion charges, emission zone charges, and parking charges will be charged back at cost price.

PDs should be paid at a Minimum of £30/day unless suitable sustenance is provided: Three meals a day, where at least one meal, other than breakfast, is substantial and hot.

Overnight accommodation, where appropriate, shall be a private room provided at zero cost to ourselves at a minimum 3 star hotel and include breakfast.

Working time directive minimum breaks shall be adhered to.  When not operationally possible, this will be by advanced negotiation only.

If any duties involve driving an LGV, all rules and regulation set out in UK and EU law regarding drivers break and rest times will be strictly adhered to – This is non-negotiable.
If it is not possible to complete a journey within the legal framework for drivers’ hours, suitable accommodation and/or parking will be secured and charged back at cost price.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event that an event or booking is cancelled the following charges will be applicable:
Less than 2 weeks notice = 25% of the agreed fee.
Less than 7 days notice = 50% of the agreed fee.
Less Than 48 hours notice = 100% of the agreed fee.
If no fee was agreed in advance, the cancellation fee will be calculated according to the hours expected to be worked on the event in accordance to the day rate figures quoted in this document.

Payment should be within 14 days of the invoice date and preferably made by electronic bank transfer. Cash and check are also acceptable.
Late payment penalties will apply as laid out on the invoice and in accordance with current UK government guidelines.
Long running events (longer than 2 weeks) will be invoiced weekly.

Updated 20/03/2023.
This document supersedes any previous version.