The Month of March is Meet The Maker Month! Read on to find out about the face behind the brand…

Success Story

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2020 changed everything in my life but I didn’t let it be the end of me. I pivoted my career to run my own business. Here’s my story..


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“Once you’ve Kondo’d your underwear drawer, you’ll never go back.” I wholeheartedly agree with this statement and highly recommend the KonMari Method.

Thank You!

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That’s the shop closed up for Christmas! We’d like to THANK YOU all for supporting us in our journey this year. It’s been a tough one!

Grand Opening

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Today was the Grand Opening of our shop! The Mayor of Preston “cut the ribbon” for us to make it official. It was an amazing experience!


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I’ve been a busy little bee working on Christmas specific gifts, decorations and stationery, that are perfect to gift to others or for keepsakes.