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Book an In-Person or Zoom appointment to discuss your Commission

Image by Matt Pengelly / Line Of Sight Photography

As I work both at the shop with my Leathercrafts and Freelancing in the Theatre industry, it is becoming harder to forward plan when the shop will be open. 

Therefore, I have set up the ability for local customers to book an in-person appointment to discuss their bespoke commissions and collect orders. There is also the option to book a zoom call.

I have set up standard appointment time slots for when I SHOULD be at the shop. I have also included an ‘Our Availability’ Calendar so you can see when we won’t be able to fulfil you appointment. If there are any issues with the date/time I will email or call you to discuss a suitable alternative. 

You can also order direct from our online shop.

Please Note:

Due to the nature of our business, we tend to order the materials specifically for your commission. Therefore we require full payment before starting any orders.

Our Availability

Any queries?

Click the link to contact us to discuss.