The Leather Sheath

I was super excited when I received a custom request to create a LEATHER SHEATH specifically for a Bushcraft Saw. It’s not something I have done before and I was definitely up for the challenge! 

I was provided with a leather colour choice, the actual Bushcraft Saw and a few pictures as a guide of what inspired the customers request. 

The main idea for this Leather Sheath was that it could be attached to the customer’s belt WITHOUT the need to actually undo the belt to slide on the sheath. This was definitely a new concept for me but after some research, I came up with a way to make it happen.

As I don’t have access to space or materials to be able to make moulded leather products we agreed on a non-moulded sheath, which would be a snug fit, yet would naturally mould to the shape of the saw as the customer used it more. 

For the belt connection, I decided on 4 press studs on a tri-fold that could easily be attached to a belt yet stay secure. If the press studs were to come undone, the design would still keep the sheath attached to the belt. 

I am really pleased with the end result and so is the customer – yay! 

If you’ve read my MarchMeetTheMaker blog you’ll know that I have a knack for taking an idea and just creating it. So I recorded my process as a timelapse so you can get an idea of how I work. 

If you have something in mind for a custom request, please feel free to get in touch to discuss what we can do for you 😀 


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