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SKU Pride KeyFob
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Here at DD Practical, we accept EVERYONE for who they are <3

To help celebrate PRIDE, we ordered some extra leather colours so that we could create some limited-edition Pride Products!

For those who don't wear bracelets, we have another option for you - the PRIDE KEY FOB!

Made up of 5 separate pieces of Leather; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple - or as close as we could get to it!
Complete with Fob & Ring.

All items are made from Full Grain Waxy Pull Up Leather - this is untreated, uncorrected, 100% animal hide. Full-Grain leather will wear in nicely over time, developing a patina. It is very soft to the touch but still tough. It’s important to note that this leather will not have a uniform look and will have marks and scratches because the surface has been subjected to life outdoors.

Please note: all lettering is hand stamped per letter so it's incredibly hard to get this perfect.

If you are looking for perfection in a leather item, our leather range is not for you. You should look for "corrected leather".

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