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We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Everyone should be carrying hand sanitiser. We personally purchased a couple of little bottles with handy carabiners so we could clip them onto our bags, jeans etc. Then we thought, hang on a second, we can personalise these so that everyone can have their own personal supply. As they have your name on, they (hopefully) won’t get pinched and make carrying hand sanitiser a little bit trendy!

They are especially great for the little ones going back to school. We all know they lose things. If they manage to lose their personal bottle, someone will be able to get it back to them and it’s so easy to clean the bottle too!

We found a supplier for the bottles and clips, programmed the software for a few different font choices and put up a listing. There are various fonts and 20 different colours (including a rather sparkly Holographic Glitter option) to choose from. We try where possible to match the clip to the colour of the names, but we never receive the same selection of clips.

We can make them and post them out for you to fill up, clip-on and away you go. If you live local, you can save on postage and select the option to PICKUP from us.

If you really really want something different font-wise, you can ask us and we will do what we can to find that perfect font for you.


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