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I know I for one arrived in 2021 absolutely determined to be more organised, especially now I am running my own business from home. We had been talking about sorting out a better dish rack for the kitchen [we got this one and it’s absolutely life changing!], organising my workspace and just a general declutter.  You might be thinking, “I am interested in having a declutter and/or organise, but where do I start?!”

Below are two recommendations that I have personally tried and get on with. The ideas are simple and easy to do once you let your brain accept that you NEED to start somewhere.

The KonMari Method

I was first inspired to properly start decluttering and organising a couple of years ago when I discovered “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix. The idea of KonMari was exciting and I couldn’t wait to hold all of my items and see if they “spark joy.” I can honestly say it was life changing and very helpful when moving my life from Darlington to Preston in 2019.

A friend of mine recently said “Once you’ve Kondo’d your underwear drawer, you’ll never go back,” and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

Now lots of people think that KonMari is all about just getting rid of EVERYTHING and leading a minimalist lifestyle but it really isn’t. Marie’s website specifically says, Minimalism advocates living with less; the KonMari Method™ encourages living among items you truly cherish.”

If you have 1000 books that you absolutely love and they spark that warm feeling of joy inside of you, definitely DON’T get rid of them. But if you have 1000 books that you don’t read and they just fill up a ‘space’ because it’s there, maybe consider donating some of them and keep the ones you do cherish. 

Since I ‘Kondo’d’ everything I owned a couple of years ago, I now only have possessions that really do spark joy. Yes I generally own MUCH less than I did before, but now; I own MORE Stationery and Crafts than ever before, and for me, that’s what sparks joy. 

As well as decluttering, KonMari also teaches you about Practical Organisation. It’s all about creating more space by organising your possessions in unique ways. You’ll probably find you have containers lying about the house that you can utilise for some Practical Organising.

I highly recommend checking out the Netflix Show if you are thinking of having a declutter/organise but don’t know where to start. 

The Home Edit

This is a more recent discovery for me. Again, I discovered it through the Netflix show “Get Organised with The Home Edit” [are you seeing a theme yet?] and ended up bingeing the entire series in one day. The ladies over at The Home Edit have put a twist on the traditional idea of organisation and kind of merge it with Interior design. 

They are all about the see-through acrylic storage where you can SEE ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING which is very aesthetically pleasing but you really would HAVE to keep it organised. 

It does look amazing and it has inspired me but it could get very expensive, very quickly. Don’t get me wrong, if I had the cash to splash on all these beautiful storage solutions I WOULD. However, times are pretty rough and so I decided to treat myself and test out one pretty storage solution for my most prized possessions; my pens. 

They sit proudly on my desk right in front of me and I see them all day everyday and that was enough to inspire me to get tidying and organise my workspace, which was getting a little bit chaotic.

I cannot describe how much good it has done me to organise my desk. I spend around 14-18 hours a day at my desk and I really wouldn’t get anything done if I was constantly moving stuff around to get to other things. 

One day, who knows when, I would love to fully commit to The Home Edit lifestyle. It will involve a LOT of hard work and declutttering in general though and we’re not really at that stage where we want to that all that work. Plus we’d need many more hours a day to actually get anywhere with it.

Do go and watch the Netflix show though, if nothing else, than to peek inside celebrities homes! 

Working from Home

This is a tricky subject. Especially for me as I don’t have a home office or a separate room to work from. I am positioned slap bang in the middle of the lounge between the sofa and the tv. I find it incredibly hard to stop working at the end of the day. I just carry on until I am physically and mentally exhausted, for example; I am writing this at 07:00 and got up at 09:15 YESTERDAY. That’s right. I haven’t been to bed yet. 

I personally have a LOT of extra stuff in my ‘at home’ workspace because I had to bring it home from my shop. Some of you may be in the same situation. So how do you organise when all this extra STUFF is in the way that you can’t get rid of. [I know, it would be lovely to just chuck the work laptop out the window sometimes.]

If you have a separate workspace where you can close the door and not think about it, you’re off to a great start! Have a look around this space, have you got personal items all tangled up with your work items? Can you separate them within the room and keep all the work stuff on one ‘side’ and personal stuff on the other? Can you get rid of some of that personal stuff? [I know it’s hard to donate anything at the moment but could you box it up in the corner and throw a pretty blanket over it until you CAN donate it?]

It may be the case that none of this is possible, in which case, don’t worry about your workspace, concentrate on your home space and how you can declutter and organise it. Create a sanctuary within your home that’s clutter free and makes you excited to ‘leave work’ and ‘go home.’

“But, what about me?” I imagine some of you are saying, “I don’t have a separate workspace!” 
I am in exactly the same boat and this is what I did. I was looking for some sort of ‘backdrop’ to be able to produce videos and go on Zoom calls without showing everyone our crowded lounge. Turns out, proper photography backdrops are really expensive and some of them involve drilling holes in the walls. After a few hours research I actually came up with a solution that would work for me. I found this backdrop frame and these curtains and now I can just walk into my workspace, close the curtains and pretend I am in a separate room for the day and then when it’s time to ‘go home’, I open the curtains and voila I am in my lounge and can binge watch Netflix on the sofa. Plus the curtains make a very pretty backdrop which actually has some texture and depth to it, and it cost less than HALF THE PRICE of a proper backdrop set up.

I personally did declutter and organise my workspace as much as I could. I have had to cram 30 square foot of shop stuff into a much smaller space, but I spent a good chunk of time organising it and even though it’s cluttered, I know where everything is. Whether you should declutter and organise your workspace is going to be entirely dependant upon what ‘stuff’ you have and if you have the space to actually organise it. With my makeshift barrier between my lounge and workspace, I can close the curtains and just concentrate on the rest of the room and house.

What can we do to help you out?

If I was allowed, I would gladly come round to your house and organise EVERYTHING. I absolutely love organising stuff. I can’t help it. But, alas, I cannot do that right now. 

What I can do, is provide you with support and ideas as well as our very own Organisation Stickers

These stickers are perfect for jazzing up plain old containers and storage systems around your house and could probably give the Home Edit a run for their money! At DD Practical, we are all about offering customisation and personalisation to suit each customer because that is just Practical. 

With 21 colours available and 16 fonts, you can completely customise the Organisation Stickers to your requirements. And if what we have available isn’t quite right, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss how we can get it practically perfect for you.

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