Musical Stickers

We were approached by a customer back in May with an idea for some vinyl stickers. They were specially for their newly decorated performance room at Darlington Academy of Performing Arts. They wanted some big musical words and a guitar made up entirely of words. That was certainly a new challenge for us which we absolutely loved!

We got straight on with the designs and had lots of fun creating the guitar! It certainly took some patience and a steady hand to ensure the sticker came out just perfect. We are really pleased with how they came out and they look fantastic on the wall with the other art. We think they are a great inspiration for all the kids who will be performing in this room.

Vinyl stickers are not only for cars or windows; they are a great way of decorating your home or workplace. Vinyl Stickers are an easy and cost effective solution to refresh a space.

Now I am thinking about lots of ideas for wall stickers for the house – but shush…don’t tell Dave!

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