Leather Stock!

Last week we applied to have a table for a Craft Fair this weekend and we were accepted! Yippee! It’s our very first craft fair.

As we predominantly work to Made-To-Order we don’t carry a great deal of handmade stock. This meant that is was time to build up a good amount of lovely handmade products that we can display for sale at the craft fair.

We just returned from a long camping weekend, which Dani spent most of crafting leather and stationery, whilst turning into a lobster! Oooops. The weather was truly glorious and it was lovely to get away for a little bit.

This meant we had very little time to produce enough stock and prepare ourselves for the craft fair. We might not get much sleep this week but it will be worth it. So far, in just a few days, we’ve built up a good stock of leather products!

We are really excited about this weekend. If you’re interested in what’s happening at the Festival, you can see more information here.

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