Rocking Horse Stirrups

We love it when customers come to us with something a bit unusual and we’re always up for the challenge! We were really excited to work on this custom leathercraft order.

Stuart had aquired an antique rocking horse where the leather stirrups were looking a little worse for wear. He wanted replacements that would improve the overall look of the beautiful piece. We had never made leather stirrups before, but we had the leather, and the tools. We made sure that we had an in depth conversation with Stuart to ensure what we had in mind was exactly what he wanted.

As always, we measured twice, cut once and created a set of leather stirrups that were a bit fancier than the standard ones. We added precise hand stitching all the way round which makes the overall look a little more grand. Stuart is really pleased with the end result and has even mentioned he would like some replacement reins to match!

We’re really excited to see how the rocking horse will look with it’s brand new stirrups!

We’re ready and waiting to take on any challenge for your leathercraft requirements. Pop us a message to discuss.

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