Joint Venture with CrocArt

DD Practical has been working alongside CrocArt to produce personalised Masks and Bags for Tattoo Studios around the country.

For this particular project, we have utilised High-Quality Heat Transfer Vinyl which is suitable for Cotton, Polycotton and Polyester. It is safe to be washed up to 80°C and tumble dried. This Heat Transfer Vinyl is available in 28 brilliant colours so we really can personalise to your requirements.

Can I also just say, CrocArt produces some fantastic skincare products, not just for tattoo healing but also general skin problems. I personally use their Crocodile Oil for extremely dry skin and it truly is wondrous! I have gone from smothering myself in cream every day to using just a small amount of Crocodile Oil every two to three days. If you combine their CrocWash with the Oil it seems to last an extra day as well. I am very pleased with the product and can honestly say it is lifechanging.
For more information on the benefits of Crocodile Oil please click here.

If you require anything to be personalised like this for your business, why not get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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