Laser Engraving

DD Practical recently had the cutest little Laser Engraver arrive and have spent a long time practising to work out the optimum settings for engraving into leather….yes you read correctly…


This is pretty big news for us! There is now the option to engrave pretty much ANYTHING up to a maximum of 10cm x 10cm. Unlike Stamping (the indents can fade a little over time, especially in regularly used products), Laser Engraving is a far more permanent option.

There will be an additional cost for Laser Engraving on your products:
– a name or initials (text/numbers only) + £3.00
– an image up to 5x5cm + £5.00
– an image up to 7.5×7.5cm + £7.50
– an image up to 10x10cm + £10.00

Please note: once a Leathercraft has been engraved, there will be a slightly burnt smell to begin with. This is entirely normal as we have effectively burnt skin. We think it adds more character to the product. The smell will subside with time.

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