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Yes, you read that right. DD Practical Shop – we now have a real-life, lock and key storefront! How exciting! The move has been in the works for many months, but we are in the middle of 2020 therefore delays were to be expected.

I collected the keys last Thursday, then we spent Sunday “fitting up” the shop. You can see our time lapse video here.

Over the next couple of days the shop started to take shape.

I spent a good few hours just stood outside staring in, trying to visualise where everything would live. I had spent many months working out of our (rather) large lounge and suddenly I had to fit everything into a 30 square foot shop (I call it the cupboard).

It is truly amazing what you can do with some IKEA flat pack furniture in a teeny tiny space! The front counter is made from lightweight desktops attached to a shelving unit. We have two “picture ledges” which make excellent shelves for a small space and then LOTS of Pegboards. I LOVE PEGBOARDS! There are so many different accessories that you can use to personalise a space. Who knew you could also get a pegboard DOOR to fit in a square shelf?! All in all, we managed to fit out the entire shop in 7 hours using only wood screws and brackets.

We were placed into a National Lockdown today, but luckily, because I have a website with the option to “Click and Collect” I am able to open the shop to work in and after spending 7 months stuck at home having no real work/home life balance, I can’t express just how happy I am to “go to work” in the morning.

May I present to you the DD Practical Shop:


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