A new Car!

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As well as a new shop, we decided to get a cute little car that was perfect for nipping about and advertising the business. It was essential it was also cheap to run to try and save some money.

Instantly I knew EXACTLY what car I wanted: a Smart Car.

I had a smart car a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Cue: smart car search. In one day we went to see a smart car specialist (I was in my element), a dealer and a private seller.

I ended up getting a Smart car from the private seller. It seemed mechanically sound, it was nippy and everything worked…for a week. Cue: trip to the smart specialist! After a small fire and some love, the car is home, and stickered up! Meet STUMPY!

Can I just say, I am now saving over £200 a month on car expenses with a Smart Car. The road tax is £0, insurance group 2 and it gets 84mpg!


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