Leather Craft

Hand Crafted Leather work

The Leather Sheath

We were approached by a customer with a bespoke request for a Leather Sheath for a Bushcraft Saw! An exciting new challenge for us!

8 Benefits of Real Leather

Leathercraft has been around for more than 70 centuries. Yes, you can purchase a synthetic version for half the price of its leather counterpart but it won’t be as good.

Laser Engraving

We’ve got a Laser Engraver for personalising your leathercrafts….yes you read correctly…


Leather Stock!

We predominantly work to Made-To-Order so we don’t carry a great deal of handmade stock. It was time to build up some stock to display at the upcoming craft fair.

Rocking Horse Stirrups

We love it when customers come to us with something a bit unusual and we’re always up for the challenge! We’re really excited to work on this custom leathercraft order.