8 Benefits of Real Leather

Leathercraft has been around for more than 70 centuries. That’s got to tell you something; it’s a timeless tradition. Yes, you can purchase a synthetic version of something for half or a third of the cost of its leather counterpart but I guarantee you, it will not bear the same properties as the real thing. So why is that? There are many reasons, but let’s look at our Top 8 reasons.

1. It’s Natural

Leather is a fabric, a natural fabric. It literally grows on cows. It’s soft and buttery and comfortable in your hand. It’s just lovely. There are many synthetic fabrics out there that are scratchy and irritate your skin.


Not only is Leather practical, it’s beautiful. The colour options really provide customisability for everyone. It just oozes quality. Place a leather bag next to a synthetic one and tell me it’s not superior.

3. Eco-Friendly

You’re probably thinking, no way! Leather is a by-product of slaughtering animals for food! Yes, you’re correct, but it is far more ‘green’ than chemically manufactured synthetic fibres. The manufacture of synthetic fibres contributes to the pollution of our air. There are some companies that use chemicals to treat their hides, but the industry quantities are far less than that of synthetic manufacturing. And guess what? Leather is also bio-degradable.

4. Longevity

Unlike other fibres, leather fibres are intertwined so fine and compact that just 1g of leather can contain a whopping 300 square metres of surface (the interior). This results in high resistance to extreme temperatures, stretching, bending, tearing and ageing. Did you know that leather can absorb water without actually being ‘wet’? 30% to be precise. It also has epic breathability qualities; allowing it to absorb moisture on the inside and expel it to the outside. Its synthetic counterparts could never live up to these specifications.

5. Flexibility

Leather is durable, but that doesn’t mean rock hard. Yes, you can make some leathers to be pretty solid for certain uses. As you use your leathercraft, it will soften and become more flexible yet will retain it’s strength and shape. The Waxy Pull Up leather we use at DD Practical will also develop an extraordinary patina as you use it.

6. Cost

When you weigh up the advantages of Leather over synthetic. A faux leather handbag may cost you significantly less upfront, but you’ll probably have to replace it in a year. Spending more money initially on a Real Leather, high-quality handbag; that handbag will last decades if cared for correctly and in the long run, cost you for less. That’s what we call value for money.

7. It Smells Good

It’s an incredibly simple advantage. Leather smells so good, all the time. One sniff can bring back pleasant memories, change your mood, and provide you with a sense of luxury.

8. Timeless

Leathercraft is a timeless tradition. Leather is a timeless fabric. There will be different styles but Leathercraft will always be associated with quality and endurance.

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